Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I am finding it very difficult to find a starting point for my project so I am trying to keep things simple. However, although trying to keep things simple, I realise that things are not as simple as they seem...

After researching more and more into Systems, I find that anything and everything is a system.
In order to get from A to B, there must be some sort of 'system' to enable us to do so. Whether is it getting from home to work or cooking your dinner, there is a system involved. Within systems are are other systems. Blah blah blah. Holy shit. It seems to me that everything is a system.

I enjoy the idea of having a "biological system" interacting with a "technological system" as we see in Seek.

I find it really interesting that the computer will somehow over time, learn the behaviour of the Gerbils. Somehow, the computer will gather all the Gerbil's movements and behaviour in it's memory and somewhat anticipate what the Gerbil's will do with the blocks. This seems really crazy to me. I can not grasp the idea of a computer learning. For me this is really blurring the line between biology and technology. Living organisms are supposed to learn. They are supposed to adapt and grow. Non- living technological things have been programmed in a certain way to do certain things. How can something that does not have the free will to decide what is wrong and right, what they like or dislike, learn and adapt and grow? I feel that is can be done but it will always be with the aid of a living thing.

Discussing the above with a friend, he said this "
They [technological systems] are programmed to recognise patterns, in the same way we are. we are programmable too. Our brains are just like organic computers we don't understand."

The following is some crazy shit. Robots are becoming more and more human like.
This one in particular seems to link to 'Seek' in some way. The system is learning and adapting to it's surroundings. Obviously it is much more complex than 'Seek' but the fundamental values are still there.... technology interacting with living things.


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