Monday, February 23, 2009

Seek and Religion (Christianity)...

What is Seek? It is a large perspecs box, some blocks, some gerbils, a robotic hand and a computer.
You could also say that the spectators are also part of Seek.

The gerbils are constantly moving around the blocks. The Hand comes and ruins it for them.
The Gerbils must in some ways change their bevaviour because of the hand. To what extent, I do not know because there is not enough information about Seek to make such an assumption.

What is Religion (I am focusing on Christianity here. I think)?

In my own opinionated words.... A group of people who 'believe in God'. They follow an organized set of interrelated ideas or principles. Some of the things they follow do not make any sense. They follow these things for one reason mainly - to please God so that they can be saved and live an eternal life in heaven.

Maybe this is how I can relate the two...

Computer - GOD
Hand - Somebody who preaches the word of God. Minister, Priest ect.
Gerbils - Us. Me and you. Your friend from work.
Blocks - This is tricky. In Seek, the blocks represent the gerbils' ever changing environment. They build them up, move them around how they like until the hand comes and 'fixes' it all. For me that is like values and beliefs. They change as we grow up and experience different things.
Perspecs box - Could be considered the earth. The thing that encapsulates us. We can not easily leave the planet earth. We could use a spaceship/rocket to leave. The Gerbils could build a tower of blocks up against the side of the wall and also escape. Possibly.

Spectators - Well in Seek, the spectators do not actually physically affect the Gerbils. However, the gerbils would definitely be aware that they are there. So maybe, somehow, the spectators could be seen as other life forms outside of Earth that we don't actually know if they exist or not. Such as U.F.Os and Aliens etc.

Ok so now if I was to look at Seek changed into this religious system, it would go something like something......

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